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About Us

Bowlero Lanes is your classic, old-school bowling alley and sports bar. But with everything we’ve got going on at our lively spot, we’re more of a friendly gathering place for families and friends who want a fun experience with a twist. What kind of twists are we talking? Well, how about tons of lanes, batting cages, a full bar, 30 TVs to watch the game, pool tables, and an arcade to start? We always strive to create a fun, seamless experience -- and we love to play host to birthday parties, get-togethers, and team building events too! So whether you’re looking to bowl a few games, hit a few balls, or just kick back with friends and family, we’re the laid-back neighborhood spot for you.


Bowlero Lanes: Our History

Construction on Bowlero Lanes began with ground-breaking in early 1955 and opened to the public in 1956 as a sixteen-lane bowling facility. In 1957, Bowlero Lanes was closed and put up for sale. In 1958, Charles T. Reese ("Papa Charlie") purchased the land and building and began operating the facility during what has been called the "Golden Age" of bowling in the United States. With Mr. Reese at the helm, business at Bowlero Lanes grew to a point that in 1961 the facility was expanded to twenty-four lanes. Another major renovation took place in 1970 when the original machines (AMF 8230) were converted to the most advanced machines available at that time (AMF 8270). Mr. Reese operated Bowlero Lanes until the corporation was sold to Mr. Thomas C. Franks ("Rowdy") in 1977. In 1992, Bowlero Lanes again underwent a major renovation with the addition of automatic scoring and an extensive interior remodel. Mr. Franks operated Bowlero Lanes until the corporation was sold to Chad Franks in October 1999. In 2002, Bowlero Lanes received another interior renovation and added new tables and chairs. In 2004, the batting cages were purchased, renovated, and added to the company's operations. In 2005, synthetic lanes were purchased and installed. In November 2006, the facility began another expansion with the groundbreaking on the new ten-lane open play facility and bar expansion. July 2007 saw the final phase of this renovation with the remodel of the pool room ("Inside the 8 Ball") and the expansion and remodel of the e Ten Pin Diner"). They both reopened in August 2007. In August 2007, Crackers Sports Bar opened for business. November 2007 saw the end of this major expansion with the opening of The Pit. Bowlero Lanes has been a continuous and integral part of the Farmington community since 1956 and has provided good, quality family fun to generations of Farmington residents. It is a family owned and operated corporation.

Welcome Message from the President/CEO of Bowlero Lanes, Chad Franks

Bowlero Lanes is a family owned and operated company incorporated in the state of New Mexico. It has been in business and a part of this community for over 50 years. I have been a part of the bowling industry for decades and I have been employed at Bowlero here in some capacity since 1975. When I purchased this business in 1999, I wanted to make Bowlero Lanes one of the top bowling facilities in New Mexico. I am proud of the progress we have made towards that goal and I plan to further improve the facility in the near future. With this goal of having an industry leading business, I would like to welcome you to Bowlero Lanes and thank you in advance for your patronage. Remember that the Company has an open door policy to help you get acquainted and familiar with our business and to help resolve any concerns.  Please feel free to contact me, and i will address them directly.  Again thank you for your patronage and continued support.

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